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Photography Website Hosting?

Whether you're an amateur photographer or a veteran professional, when it comes to showing your creative work to the world on the Web, high-speed image loading is now mandatory.

That's why powerful Web hosting is essential.

For example, my homepage here at terrykyle.com (hosted here on WPX Hosting of course) is packed with dozens of high-resolution images of my life with dogs, cats, and nature in Bulgaria, where WPX Hosting is headquartered (although I'm Australian).

And as you can see on Pingdom Tools and GTMetrix, this 7.3 Mb page loads in under 1 second all across the world, regardless of whether visitors to my site are in North America, Africa, Asia or Europe - it loads that fast everywhere:


If you're not getting that kind of page loading speed with your current photography blog's host, then you are risking losing visitors even before they have had a chance to enjoy your work.

In fact, in a recent 7-way speed shootout by influential blogger, Matthew Woodward, WPX Hosting completely crushed the so-called big names in WordPress Hosting, sometimes by triple or even quadruple:

One of the main reasons that WPX Hosting is so fast is because we have built our own custom CDN (Content Delivery Network), called the WPX Cloud.


Our WPX Cloud is perfectly tuned for our own hosting technology stack, unlike the 3rd party CDNs on every other hosting service.

You can read more about the superfast content delivery with the WPX Cloud here.

These days, we're all getting more impatient when it comes to slow loading websites, even Google is, so you need to deliver your content superfast all across the world, if that's relevant for your photography niche.

Check out just how much WPX Hosting offers - apart from unbeatable global page loading speed - here on our Plans page.

By the way, we are also the #1 most-trusted Web hosting company on Trustpilot.com, out of 160 listed hosting companies there:

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